Repair Scratches on your Nu Oil® Floors

The benefits our Nu Oil® floors | Surface Scratches, Simple Solutions

Hardwood floors, especially Hallmark Hardwood floors, are a beautiful investment & upgrade to your home. Not only do they add value, but they also promote your own style, aesthetic and overall feeling to your home. No matter your lifestyle, surface scratches are inevitable – Luckily Hallmark’s Nu Oil® floors have a hybrid finish technology – an all-natural, infused finish that permeates the plank. This hybrid, two-stage Nu Oil® finish makes maintenance a breeze. In turn, light surface scratches can be alleviated by different remedies that are offered for oil categories.

  1. Hallmark Floors restoration OilHallmark Floors Restoration Oil -We get it, life happens, and one of the many benefits to our Nu Oil® floors is that we have specifically formulated products to repair those light surfaces scratches. Our Restoration Oil is just that, available in traditional or white formulation – depending on the color and undertone of your Nu Oil® floor, this product restores the finish, masking and refinishing & concealing surfaces scratches, essentially blending them into the wire brushing and natural texture throughout your wood floor. Restoration Oil can be used for surface scratches, spot cleaning or even a total oil recoat of a Nu Oil® floor. Available for order on or through your local Hallmark Floors retailer.
  1. Tibet Almost Stick for surface scratchesThe Zenith Tibet Almond Stick – Also dubbed the “Stick with Magical Powers” – This tiny tool is an all-in-one furniture restoration instrument, and as such, works beautifully with our Nu Oil® finished floors. Light surfaces scratches don’t stand a chance! The Tibet Almond Stick is a tightly rolled cotton stick, that’s soaked in a solution used to efface surface scratches in wood. Made and manufactured in Homer Glen, Illinois, this amazing product is available on amazon or through many local hardware store retailers. As in all cases with flooring maintenance, best test the Zenith Tibet Almost Stick on a small surface area before applying to centrally located light surface scratches.
  1. Touch – Up Kits – Hallmark Floors offers blended markers and fill sticks for most of our Nu Oil® finished floors (all excluding the True Collection). These Touch-Up Kits are specially formulated to camouflage surface scratches, light indentation and even small chips that have occurred. We even offer these products for free – Click here to register and receive a free kit for your floor.

Nu Oil® finish is not just a topcoat for protection like traditional polyurethane coated floors – Nu Oil® is a highly durable stain resistant thermal baked oil that’s thermal cured into the plank, sealing it for added protection. Making sure your investment lasts is important. As a note, for severe plank damage and denting, plank replacement may be necessary – this is a straightforward procedure that any experienced floor installer would be able to preform.

Do you have any questions about maintenance? Click here to review our full care guides to be sure you’re taking the best possible approach in maintaining your Hallmark Floors. Register for a complimentary bottle of cleaner by clicking here.