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Total Floor Care Hardwood Floor Touch-Up Kits by Hallmark Floors
For all Hallmark Floors Hardwood Collections.

Hallmark Floors | Touch-Up Kits

Clear finish markers, felt tip markers & fill sticks – For when life happens…

Introducing Wood Floor Touch-Up Kits for Hallmark Floors’ Hardwood Collections. From surface scratches, to light indentations to chips in the floor. The Hardwood Touch-Up kit offers various coverage for multiple maintenance needs.

Touch-Up Kits for all Hardwood Collections by Hallmark Floors

Hallmark Floors Touch-Up Kits will work on ALL Hallmark Floors Hardwood Collections.

 Touch-Up Kits by Hallmark Floors for Hallmark Hardwood Collections

Touch-Up Kits are blended markers and fill sticks specially formulated to camouflage surface scratches, light indentation and even small chips that have occurred in the floor.



Touch-Up Kit includes:

  • Ultra Bond Waterborne Clear Finish Marker: One sponge tip marker.
  • Felt Tip Marker/Markers: One or two felt tipped color markers. The markers will be either Ultra Mark 2000 or Pro Mark II. Number of markers and type will be determined by the color of the floor.
  • Fill Stick/Sticks: One or two Fil-Stik, color fill sticks.

Care & Maintenance PDF Guide for Hallmark Floors Touch-Up Kits.

Hallmark Floors | Touch-Up Kits

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