Houzz is quickly becoming the place where many homeowners are spending their time planning their dream remodel. Clients that walk through your doors with a smartphone full of hand-picked idea books is going to be the new normal. Getting in front of these potential customers with a stellar project can make a big difference in brand exposure and building trust for your potential clients. You already know getting more exposure on Houzz can directly lead to more clients!

The truth is, the more clicks, likes, and saves you have on your Houzz projects, the more your content will appear in the search results for Houzz users. Having the best Houzz profile possible will make a big difference. We want to share with you three tips that will help your remodeling projects stand out and get more exposure on Houzz.

Optimizing Houzz Keywords for Exposure

Great keyword optimization is one of the most important “behind-the-scenes” boosters to your Houzz presence. Not many people will be able to find your projects if you don’t let Houzz know what you’re posting. The most important part of this optimization is by having a great list of keywords that thoroughly describe the photo. Listing keywords that describe the type of backsplash, countertops, style, etc. will all make your photo pop up for more Houzz users when they go looking for an idea.

Making all of your keywords about one item when posting a fully decorated space will cost you exposure. For example, If you are a hardwood flooring dealer, you might be tempted to only use flooring keywords for the beautiful kitchen project you’re posting. While having a good base of keywords around your target product is important, you’ll want to be sure people will be able to find your photos even when they’re not looking for just flooring ideas. Post as many keywords as you can while staying true to what is in the photo.

For example, a recent project by Tara Reavie was submitted to us was just featured in the Houzz article, Best of the Week: Modern Country Homes From Around the World. We were ecstatic to see work from the talented Tara in a featured idea book, but the photo would never have been discovered if we only kept to describing the floors.

Houzz Exposure | How to get more Likes, Clicks, and Saves on your Houzz profile . Designed by Tara Reavie.

What keywords did we use?

Keywords for Exposure on Houzz

The two keywords that likely caused this kitchen to get discovered were Modern Country, and Modern Country Kitchen. These keywords don’t have much to do with our floors, but they do properly describe the photo. Because we took the time to properly enter keywords for this project, we were able to get this project discovered and get exposure to thousands of Houzz readers.

Hire a professional Photographer

The difference between a Houzz portfolio full of dimly lit cellphone photos and a portfolio of professionally photographed work is huge. A well-photographed job gets clicks, saves to idea books, and future clients.

A professional photographer is well worth the money and is central to your marketing efforts and representing your best self online and to future clients. We recommend looking online for a local real estate photographer. Real estate photographers generally won’t break the bank. We’ve seen them cost less than $100 (!) a shoot and produce some high-quality photos. The Houzz Pro photographer network has packages as low as $200, but we’ve never tried them. If you’ve ever used this program, let us know how it went!

If you can’t hire a professional right now, Houzz put out a good beginner’s guide to real estate photography. A little lighting and the perfect angle can go a long way towards making your projects stand out.

Participate in the Houzz Community

When people are searching for a Pro on Houzz, there are many hidden contributing factors that can cause your profile to rank higher than your competitors. One of them is community participation. Commenting on posts, answering questions, and posting content are all ways to participate in the Houzz community and increase your Houzz presence. Houzz account managers have repeatedly stated that this type of activity will directly increase your ranking when a customer is searching for a pro. Even if you’ve won some Houzz community badges, don’t stop participating!

A great place to start participating is by posting your projects in the Before & After section on Houzz. You can show off your best work and engage with fellow pros and potential clients. You don’t need to spend all day trolling on forums, but a little outreach can go a long way for building credibility. In 2017 potential clients will see what you do online – always make sure that’s a good thing!

Other resources for your Houzz profile

The folks at Houzz have created an excellent resource for pros wanting to make the most out of their Houzz profile. If you have questions about how to use any of the features we’re talking about today, then check out the Houzz Pro guides! Even self-professed Houzz experts can learn by taking a quick look at what new guides have been uploaded.

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