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To find all our products in one location and to get experts advice, locate a Spotlight Dealer near you.

*Please type in the full address for the closest dealer near you and for the most accurate results. Hallmark Floors does not support sales across state lines or allow Internet Sales of our products. We believe it is the best interest of the consumer to purchase their floors from their local retailer.

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If you use your zip code or city, the results may not reflect the closest dealer near you, because of how zip codes and city limits are defined. Searching with zip codes and cities will give you random results. *Note: To protect the dealers and to better serve the homeowners, we only allow three searches at one time. After three searches, you will be locked out. So please use the full address for most accurate results.

NO INTERNET SALES We do not sell our products on the internet and warranties will not be honored if you buy from a source on the internet. Hallmark Floors Internet Policy. We are a flooring manufacturer located in Ontario, Ca. U.S.A.

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Where to Buy Hallmark Floors | Hallmark Floors MFR Hallmark Floors

Locate a Hallmark Floors Dealer

NEW DEALERS ARE BEING ADDED EVERY DAY! Hallmark Floors has a large amount of dealers through out the U.S., plus distribution centers, but not all of them will be found on this list.


Call Toll Free: 1.888.551.0888
 if you can’t find a dealer near you. We are constantly updating and changing our dealer list, so if you can not find a dealer on our list near you, please contact us.

Hallmark Floors' Spotlight DealersSpotlight Dealers

Spotlight Dealers carry all of Hallmark’s collections.

What makes these dealers different? Spotlight Dealers carry all of Hallmark Floors’ products and possess the ability to deliver the high quality service and the expertise that you deserve and are looking for. When looking for a dealer in the search bar, Hallmark Spotlight Dealers will have a special tab for more information. Click on that link to discover more about why they have been selected to be a Spotlight Dealer for Hallmark Floors. You will find a Spotlight Dealer near you on our Locate a Hallmark Floors Dealer page.

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If you are a retailer and would like to be added to our list, you need to contact your distribution center. If you still need assistance in being placed on our locate a dealer, please go to our retail resource page and fill out the form at the bottom. Someone will get back to you soon. Thank you. Click here to learn more about our displays and what we offer retailers.


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