We absolutely love when happy homeowners share photos with us and nothing beats an authentic hardwood testimonial! We stumbled upon Lauren’s Instagram account a few months ago and fell in love with her home and unique style. She has shared many photos showcasing her beautiful floors, Thyme from our Silverado Collection.

As somebody who is interested in home interiors, Lauren was willing to answer a few questions about her experience for us.

Authentic Hardwood Testimonial 1

What is your favorite thing about your floor?

I absolutely  love the color, we searched high and low to find something different, yet still classic. We saw a lot of floors but each one was missing something. The owner of the store we were in came out with ours and I was sold. I wanted a “gray” color, but not too gray so in a few years it would still be in style – this was the perfect mix between trendy and classic, and will be timeless for sure. We have gotten so many compliments on these floors, I can’t tell you how many people have said they love the look and color and how unique they are.

Do you find your floor to be family friendly?

Yes, we have an 11 month old who is constantly crawling, throwing toys, food, etc., everywhere on the floor and we are easily able to keep them clean. They are so easy to spot clean on the go, too. I cannot tell you how many times we have been cleaning 5 minutes before company arrives and they look great! She also moves freely all over the place on them and we love that.

Authentic Hardwood Testimonial - Thyme Silverado Collection
Authentic Hardwood Testimonial - Thyme Silverado Collection

What is your current favorite Hallmark Floors product in any of our various collections?

Mine, of course, ha!  I really also love the Historic Walnut floors. If I had a farmhouse in the woods that would be my go-to for sure! Next house maybe?

What are your favorite interior design elements?

Floors, of course, totally make a house feel a certain way. I love the feel of nature in a home, hence why we chose hardwoods. They are clean and warm.I love a bright, light kitchen with nothing on the counter-tops – very hard with a baby I will tell you. I have to have a ton of natural light in my home, so big windows and minimal window treatments are a must. Mixing new and old pieces is by far my favorite thing to do when decorating a house. I love driving to new antique stores and finding pieces with stories behind them, and adding them to our home. Gives it such character and they are always conversation starters.

Authentic Hardwood Testimonial - Thyme Silverado Collection

All photos in this article were sent in by Lauren – you can see more photos like this on her Home + Style themed Instagram.

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