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Hallmark Hardwoods Floor Collections

Our Hallmark Hardwoods floor collections are small batch, hand-touched & not mass produced, and always designed with fashion in mind. The subtle nuances are all done by hand and inspired by the natural state of the wood, from staining and scraping to wire brushing. It takes time to create and design our floors due to the care that we put into each board, color and collection.

We are working with the canvas that nature gave us — every hardwood flooring collection is designed to reflect its raw beauty and uniqueness. Like everything in nature, the boards are diverse and have individual markings, coloring and styles. Creating wood floors is more than just fashion, it’s an art. Hallmark handcrafts beautiful, fashionable floors.

Simply beautiful, simply innovative, simply better… Hallmark Floors

Our Flooring Selections

Choose from engineered hardwood floors or solid wood floors.

Our Hallmark Floors hardwood products combines the ageless beauty and craft of hardwood flooring with state-of-the-art manufacturing. We harvest materials in harmony with nature. Our wood floors are manufactured in a sustainable and responsible way. Great care is exercised in manufacturing to ensure a healthful living environment. We produce floors of unsurpassed quality that you will be delighted to call your own.

About Floors’ Hallmark Hardwoods Flooring:

Check out our Installed Photo Portfolio. The photos are real installs of our engineered wood flooring and solid hardwood flooring. 

Hallmark Hardwoods | The perfect flooring for your home and any living space.

Monterey Puebla installation in Fairbank, NY | Hallmark Floors' Retailer Hardwood Outlet in Fairbank, NY

Monterey Puebla installation in Fairbank, NY

We design beautiful, fashionable floors for any life style.

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Hallmark Hardwoods frooing collections by Hallmark Floors Inc
Hallmark Hardwoods | The perfect flooring for your home.