In the last few years handcrafted hardwood floors have come back into the limelight. In the past, hand-scraping was done to help smooth planks to make for a more even surface. Today, many people love the character and beauty of handcrafted styles that no machine can duplicate. Not only are these more natural planks beautiful, but depending on the look you are going for, hand-scraping can be done to a degree of your choice, too. There are a few other benefits to investing in hand-scraped wood flooring…


Mitchell Homes Monterey Puebla install handcrafted hardwood
Mitchell Homes Monterey puebla installtion handcrafted hardwood


Hand-scraped hardwood flooring creates a unique look. So unique, that it cannot be perfectly duplicated; it is one-of-a-kind. Every plank is scraped and distressed by a skilled artisan adding character and texture.

The uneven finish on this type of floor also changes appearance with different light levels. Enjoy the hues and shadows created by the morning sun and appreciate how your floor mellows in appearance as light changes throughout the day. The skills of trained craftsmen allow wood’s natural beauty to shine through at all times.


Small marks, scratches and dents hide easily within the varied scrapes, making normal wear and tear much less obvious. This is why handcrafted hardwood flooring is ideal for homes with pets and small children as compared to classic, smooth finishes.

Your hand scraped hardwood will look just as good years down the road, with small markings blending in and enhancing the original finish. However, it is s still important to maintain your floors as best you can; we recommend using floor pads and area rugs to extend the life of your floors.


Experts agree that keeping hard surface flooring clean is easier than keeping carpets clean. Dust can be thoroughly removed using minimal effort and spills are quickly wiped up. The various types of hard surface floors also have different maintenance levels, but hand scraped wood floors are some of the easiest. Rough finishes hide dust and small debris, such as pet hair, sand and small dirt particles, allowing you to sweep less often.

We highly recommend that you always read through the manufacturer’s specific cleaning instructions in order to properly maintain all types of wood floors.

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That authentic appearance of handcrafted hardwood floors is no longer a vision of the past. The old world hardwood floor look that has always been created by time and nature is now handcrafted by Hallmark. Each board has a perfectly aged feel and brings its own distinctive character to a floor.

All of the photos in this article are from Spotlight Dealer Howdyshell Flooring in Midlothian, Virginia. Howdyshell Flooring carries all of our product lines, they are in great standing with their community AND they are Angie’s List Super Service award winners! We highly recommend them for your flooring needs. Not in the Midlothian area? Don’t worry, you can use our locator to find a Hallmark Floors dealer near you!

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Created by nature… handcrafted by Hallmark.