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Sustainability and Certificates are available for Hallmark Floors’ products.

Hallmark Floors Healthy Homes Educational PDF

Hallmark Floors’ Healthy Homes is everything you need to know to understand the importance of healthy floors.  We don’t compromise on quality, because we understand the importance of providing a safe, family friendly, quality product.

Breathe Easy with Hallmark Floors Healthy Homes

No need to stress or worry about the your indoor air quality with Hallmark Floors.
We are beyond CARB II Compliant. (Sustainability and certificates available.)


• Normal indoor air ratings for formaldehyde are 0.03 to 0.06ppm.


• Independent third party testing established that Hallmark Floors is .01 – .04 PPM, which surpasses Carb II Requirements.

Sustainability and Certificates

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1. Third Party Certification

Hallmark Floors was Third Party Certified before it was required.

2. Hallmark FSC®/PEFC Certification

Hallmark Floors, uses FSC® Certified materials for the construction of our TrueCore center ply.

Hallmark Floors procures it European Oak for face/wear layers and Organic Solid from sustainable forests under the guidelines of the PEFC (PanEuropean Forestry Council). In addition North American species (Maple, Walnut, and Hickory) are sourced from the Appalachian hardwood forest, which is deemed to be sustainable by the U.S. Department of Agriculture/Forestry.

3. Certified Adhesive

The veneers in the plywood core are held together by state of the art glue from Japan, which was the first country to set formaldehyde standards and still leads in lowest emissions standard.

4. European Finish

Hallmark Floors’ European finishes are industry leaders in durability and are safer indoor air quality with the lowest VOC ratings.

5. Carb II Compliant

Hallmark Floors’ hardwood floors meet the stringent CARB II indoor air quality standards for Formaldehyde emissions as set by the State of California (the most stringent in the U.S.).

6. Floor Score Certified Luxury Vinyl

Indoor air quality is vital to a healthy life for everyone. This is why Hallmark’s luxury vinyl products are third party certified to comply with regulations regarding emissions off-venting from the floor itself.

7. Nanocontrol Luxury Vinyl

Surface Guardian Pro contains Hallmark’s. Nanocontrol technology. As air circulates viruses, and bacteria, move through the air. When these organisms come into contact with the surface finish, the cell wall is destroyed killing the organism.

CARB II indoor air quality standards for Formaldehyde emissions as set by the State of California (the most stringent in the U.S)

Sustainability and certificates available. The importance of healthy floors. We don't compromise quality.

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Hallmark Floors Healthy Homes – Beyond CARB II compliant with Hallmark Floors

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