Third Party Certified | Hallmark Floors

1. Third Party Certification

Hallmark Floors was Third Party Certified before it was required.

2. Certified Adhesive

The veneers in the plywood core are held together by state of the art glue from Japan, which was the first country to set formaldehyde standards and still leads in lowest emissions standard.

3. European Finish

Hallmark Floors’ European finishes are industry leaders in durability and are safer indoor air quality with the lowest VOC ratings.

4. TSCA Title VI Compliant Certification Standards

Hallmark Floors’ hardwood floors meet the stringent TSCA Title VI indoor air quality standards for Formaldehyde emissions as set by the governement.

5. Floor Score Certified Luxury Vinyl

Indoor air quality is vital to a healthy life for everyone. This is why Hallmark Floors’ luxury vinyl products are third party certified. We are committed to providing high quality products for our customers.

5. Nanocontrol Luxury Vinyl

Hallmark Floors Propriety technology to deter the growth of  microorganisms that come in contact with the surface of the Hallmark Luxury Vinyl floors. An Anti-Microbial Agent is bonded with other elements in the finish to create a barrier that impedes the growth of microorganisms/bacteria. Once the microorganisms come in contact with the surface of Nanocontrol Antimicrobial®, the formulation inhibits further growth of microorganisms.