Choosing the best commercial flooring for a project is crucial. Despite the many advances in commercial flooring, there are still basic rules and three main categories to consider. The right floor depends on the business and will extend the life of the floor.

What are the guidelines behind choosing the best commercial flooring for a company?

Let’s start with the flooring options for Hospitality, Education, and Healthcare. Each classification has different commercial flooring needs.


Commercial floors for hospitality will range from hardwood, tile, concrete and waterproof. For this post, we will focus on hardwood flooring.

Hospitailty commercial floors. Del Mar, Oak, Commercial Hardwood Flooring by Hallmark Floors.

Another detail to consider when choosing hardwood floors for hospitality is the construction of the subfloor. Engineered floors are designed to go over wood or concrete sub floors. Solid hardwood is better for second stories, or first floors with a basement, where engineered is more stable making it better for all levels including floors with no subfloor.

The best use for commercial hardwood floors, like True hardwood, is in interior hallways, lobbies, and guest rooms. They look beautiful and are durable for high traffic areas.

An important consideration when choosing commercial hardwood flooring is the finish, (surface treatment). There are three different finishes for hardwood: polyurethane, Oil, and NuOil. Each finish will provide a different purpose and fashion. Larger chain hotels, like Marriott, would most likely use a polyurethane wood coating, like GlazeTec hardwood finish, where boutiques and smaller hotels could use either polyurethane or NuOil finish. NuOil is a hybrid durable oil finish that provides a very low sheen and reveals the natural grain of the hardwood and in most cases more than polyurethane.

Best commercial flooring for hospitality. Magnolia, Hickory, Hardwood from the True Hardwood flooring collection by Hallmark Floors. True Hardwood flooring where the color goes throughout the surface layer without using stains or dyes.

Lastly, the species and color of the hardwood floors will make a difference, too. Some wood species are softer than others, and dark floors can show dust and prints under certain lighting conditions.

One of the trends in hardwood flooring is to choose a floor that has texture and a matte finish, because it is what we call, floor friendly. Due to the combination of durability and fashion this type of wood floor can deliver the best option for hospitality design, like True hardwood flooring, which employs a super matte finish, beautiful textures that you would find in nature, durable and the color of the floor is through-out the surface layer, making it ideal for hospitality.


Commercial floors for education buildings will range from PVC Free, tile, concrete and waterproof. We will focus on waterproof flooring for education environments because it is the best choice.

Best commercial flooring for Education. Madrid, Maple, 3Twenty Rigid Dry Back Commercial By Hallmark Floors

The best use for commercial waterproof floors, like Times Square, is in corridors, and classrooms. The right waterproof floors will look beautiful and be durable for high traffic environments, like a school.

The first consideration when choosing a commercial floor is the surface treatment. The right finish will extend the life of the floor and provide protection, like Surface Guardian Pro with UV and aluminum oxide coating.

One more crucial element when choosing a floor is can the finish be refreshed or re-coated after a long time of use? For example, with Times Square Dry Back, you can do both. There are a refresh and re-coat application available for the floor, which adds tremendous value.

All waterproof commercial flooring should be glued down. A click floor is not ideal for an educational environment, because it will buckle under the weight of wheelchairs and rolling chairs.

Madison, Stone Concrete, Times Square Dry Back Commercial Flooring by Hallmark Floors.

Finally, fashion is the other area to consider. Waterproof floors should provide color options and textures that support architectural design and the purpose of the space. For example, Times Square comes in a variety of looks, from concrete, fabric, and wood, which allows the designer to be creative and maximize the design for the project.


Commercial floors for healthcare will range from PVC Free, hardwood, bamboo flooring, panels and veneers, and waterproof flooring.

• PVC FREE waterproof flooring is ideal for hallways, corridors, cafeterias, and restrooms.
• Hardwood is best suited for lobbies and waiting areas.
• Panels & Veneers is perfect throughout the healthcare building.

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In this section, we will focus on PVC Free floors.

PVC Free flooring is entirely free of polyvinyl chloride and other synthetic solvents making it perfect for healthcare environments. Products like Voyager Waterproof PVC FREE flooring offers peace of mind knowing it is one the safest floors for healthcare.

All PVC Free floor should be glued down. Make sure the glue chosen is appropriate for healthcare.

PVC FREE floors have been around for a while. However, fashion is limited, until now. With recent breakthroughs in technology, there is now a more extensive selection of styles and colors available. The new Voyager Waterproof PVC Free floor is an excellent example of fashion, durability, and health conscious floors.

New and exciting commercial flooring will be available this year! 

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