Before electricity, hand-sculpted floors were made by cutting logs by hand or water-powered saw mills. This produced very rough lumber that then had to be smoothed by hand using a large single blade, sand, and hand tools to level the plank. Flooring made this way is known as hand-scraped or hand-sculpted floors.

Alta Vista Balboa Bedroom Install Skip's Install

Alta Vista Balboa installed by Skip’s Custom Flooring

When floors were made by hand, they received varying amounts of attention depending on its usage. The more hand work the less of the original roughness was left. Projects like the floors for royalty received high levels of attention and thus had a tendency to be very flat, and very expensive.
Our hand sculpted process seeks to restore the human touch and craftsmanship to hardwood. We use similar tools to what was used in antiquity to make the timeless flooring styles that have been with us for hundreds of years. By making our floors this way, our floors have the hand-touched appearance of artisan wood floors.

What are the benefits of Hand-sculpted floors?

Because of hand-sculpted wood’s style, wear and damage will seem natural, sometimes enhancing the look of the floors. They won’t seem like a sore spot that will need to be immediately sanded and polished away. Not only are hand-sculpted hardwood floors beautiful, they are a great choice for families.

Monterey baccarra entryway installation by lets remodel

Hand-Scraped Monterey Bacarra installed by Let’s Remodel

Hand-sculpted floors are an aesthetic choice, and only one of many things to consider when buying hardwood floors. Sometimes perfectly flat, glossy floors are in fashion and sometimes the hand-scraped floors are in vogue. Either way, hardwood is a timeless flooring option that will always look great. 

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