NRF Distributors Trucks featuring Hallmark Floors

Check out the NRF distributors’ new delivery trucks, featuring the most stylish trailers in the North East. The trucks showcase three of our collections: Monterey, Organic Solid & Organic Engineered 567. NRF is the largest hardwood flooring distributor in New England with an expansive fleet, and Hallmark Floors is proud to be represented on their daily delivery routes. They employ the friendliest truck drivers around, so if you see one of our trucks be sure to say ‘hello’ for us!

NRF delivery truck trailer featuring Hallmark Floors

Great side view of 3 Collections featured on an NRF Distributors truck.

NRF delivery truck trailer featuring Hallmark Floors

NRF Distributors truck featuring our Organic Solid Collection

NRF delivery truck trailer featuring Hallmark Floors


More about NRF:

NRF Distributors was founded in 1973 by Norman Pomerleau. Its foundation was built upon four core principles, these principles are:

• Dedication to the success of the business

        • Constantly reinvest in growth and development

        • Work hard, but do not neglect the family

        • Give back to the community

Presently three generations of the Pomerleau family are involved in the daily operation of NRF and are committed to upholding Norman’s founding principals.

As a company and a family we take great pride in being an industry leader. Our team of over 300 employees know that our success is based on delivering high quality products that represent exceptional values.

Today, with over 325,000 square feet of warehouse space, we inventory a diverse array of products, and deliver to over 2,500 customers in 140 counties across 8 states.

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