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Monterey Hardwood Collection

Simply savvy

The Monterey Hardwood Collection was design with an historical, European influence making it simply savvy & perfect for todays trends. This collection captures the beauty of nature, developed using tomorrow’s technology to create a new demand for random width planks. The floors are crafted out of maple and hickory and combines random widths (4”, 6”, 8”) and lengths (up to 6’2”).

Each individual plank is lightly sculpted & wire brushed 100% by hand, with Hallmarks 2mm slice-cut style. The low-luster Truemark® Glaze Tek finish adds durability to these fashionable floors.



  • TrueMark® GlazeTek – 10x more durable than standard UV Oil
  • 3x more durable than standard UV Poly
  • 100% Renewable w/Warranty intact


  • MG2 – 2 Guaranteed sandings
  • Highest possible stability w/ Slice Cut faces
  • Guaranteed Third Party Certification
  • Truecore® (Engineered) – Uses FSC® certified material
  • Highest Green Certification
  • Lifetime Structural Guarantee

Clean Air:

  • CARB II – Surpasses standard by over 50%

Board Variation Rating:
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Installation photos from people who love our floors

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Monterey Color Chart 2018

Monterey, Bacarra Maple

Baccara - Monterey Collection


Monterey Engineered Hardwood Collection
4″, 6″, 8″
1/2” thick with 1/16” (2mm) sliced
Random up to 6’2″
Handcrafted Microbevel
Surface Texture:
Lightly sculpted 100% by hand & wire brushed.
TrueMark® Glaze Tek Poly Finish
37.5″ sqft / carton; 36 cartons / pallet
65 lbs / carton
Limited Lifetime Structural & Residential Finish + 5 years Commercial Finish and 10 years Commercial Structural
Trim Options:
Stair Nosing / T-Molding / Threshold / Reducer. Length 82″
Installation Options:
  • Glue Down, Staple, Float, and Over Radiant Heat: Excluding over hickory.
FSC® Certificate:
Certificate – SCS-COC-004977 | License – FSC-C121559

Installation Instructions

Engineered Installation Instruction E-cover

Monterey Hardwood Installation Instructions.pdf
Click here to download.

NOTE: Hallmark Hickory and Solid Hardwood Flooring
excluded from Radiant Heat Installation Method.


5 steps you need to know before buying/installing your new Hallmark Floors:

1. Choose the right retailer and installer.

  • Make sure they are in good standing with their community.
  • Read their reviews.
  • Get references.
  • Check out their craftsmanship by asking for installation photos of their prior projects.

2. Be on site when your new floors arrive.
Verify that they are the correct collection and color before they start the installation process.

3. Review our quick Installation Guide before they start the installation.

4. Read our Maintenance & Warranty guide. This guide explains how to maintain your new floors.

5. Register your floors with Hallmark and receive a FREE bottle of cleaner.

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Board Variation

Wood is a natural product and will vary in color and grain appearance from board to board. This is a natural aspect of the wood. Texture, including graining, knots, natural imperfections and character will vary significantly from board to board. V1, V2, V3 & V4 are levels of this variation. V1 shade variation is uniform in appearance from plank to plank, whereas a V4 classification will have a large variety of color and texture changes.

Prior to any installation, a range of planks should be approved by the customer. No claims for shade or texture variation will be honored after installation.

Variation Range v1-v4 color range

Please note that shades of color are seen differently on computer screens. Customers should request a sample before making a final decision on their floors.

To View Hallmark Floors Board Variation outline, Please click here.

Truemark Glaze Tek Poly Finish for Moderno Hardwood Collection


The Monterey Collection from Hallmark Floors is finished with TrueMark® GlazeTek Poly Finish. Four coats of hand applied base and accent colors, combined with nine coats of finish achieve, a depth and richness unparalleled anywhere in the hardwood flooring industry. Nano technology is incorporated into the surface and fortified with aluminum oxide for a finish, so durable it is carries a limited lifetime warranty against wear through. Glaze Tek, years of research and development have resulted in the first true high fashion, glazed furniture-finish to be applied to a hardwood floor.

TrueMark ®GlazeTek Poly Finish, fashion, function and beauty designed to protect your wood flooring investment for today and tomorrow.

TRUEMARK® – Simply Enduring

Coated with our Nano Tough technology and hand touched glazing for

• Superior color depth
• Superior durability

Where durability and fashion meet for unparalleled performance and looks.

Only true hardwood veneers for the centerply in Hallmark Truecore hardwood flooring

Hallmark Floors uses FSC® hardwood veneers and Carb II complaint glues for the center-ply in our engineered floors’ hardwood construction. The center veneers are cold pressed, then hot pressed with tremendous pressure. This process makes the center core Eco-friendly, harder and more proportionally stable.

  • Higher Stability
  • Higher Density
  • Higher Strength
  • Higher Indoor Air Quality

Truecore® is third party verified and surpasses the emission requirements.


Trueslice explains the way Hallmark Floors slices wood for their hardwood floors.
True Slice is a new progressive process developed for the sole purpose of greatly increasing one thing… “Stability”. With a highly stable & thicker face cut TrueSlice greatly reduces the opportunity for checking in dry environments when compared to traditional processing methods. Simply ensuring a lifetime of memories on your investment.

TRUESLICE – Simply Steadfast

This new cutting edge veneer technology provides the

• Highest Possible Performance
• Solid hardwood visuals
• Maximum stability in all environments

For long lasting superior quality.

2MG 2mm
Hallmark Floors Monterey engineered hardwood features a 2mm slice cut face layer. This thick wear layer makes it possible to perform 2 guaranteed sandings. You can now enjoy the superior dimensional stability of an engineered hardwood floor without compromising on the thickness of the surface wear layer.

MG2 – Simply Renewable

Certified French oak Hardwoods producing a,

• Certified
• Guaranteed
• Long Lasting

Wear layer for Multi-Generations
to enjoy for years to come.

Hallmark Floors' Heritage Hardwoods Logo


Hallmark Floors Monterey engineered hardwood flooring uses premium North American Species. Hickory and Maple have been the premium woods used in fine furniture and cabinets for centuries. Sourced from sustainable sources make these historic woods an ideal fit for your home.

Caballero Maple Vignette from the Monterey Hardwood Floors Collection

Caballero Maple Monterey

Hallmark Floors' PLUS logo

Premium Fashion
Classic to Contemporary

Lifetime Warranty
Limited Lifetime Warranty finish and structure

Ultimate Lengths
Random up to 6’ 2″ Long

Superior Wear
2mm Slice Cut Face / Truemark Glaze Tek Finish

Casita Hickory Vignette from the Monterey Hardwood Floors Collection

Casita Hickory Monterey

Hallmark Floors Nu Oil TrueClean Cleaner

Hallmark Floors’ Cleaning Products

TrueClean® For Truemark® Polyurethane Wood Floors &
Surface Guardian Basic/Pro LVT Floors

TrueClean® is a specially formulated for the cleaning and care of Truemark Polyurethane wood floors and Surface Guardian Basic/Pro
LVT floors. Designed to clean without leaving residue or film buildup. Leaves floors sanitary, reduces odors, cleans and protects wood
and LVT floors.

Get a FREE bottle of cleaner when you register your Hallmark Floors.

Click here to register your Hallmark Floors’ wood and luxury vinyl products.

Available on and through your local dealer.
Gallon sizes also available for purchase.

Designers and Architects

If you are a designer or an architect and you need additional
information, please fill out the form to the left, and someone
will get back to you soon.

If you are a retailer and would like more information on
how to obtain a display for your store, please go to our
retailer resource page for more information.

Remodeling and Home Design

Baccara Maple Vignette from the Monterey Hardwood Collection

Baccara Maple Monterey

Hardwood Floor Molding (Trim)

Hardwood floor molding and trim information for Hallmark Hardwoods floors. If you have questions or would like to order our molding, email us or call.

Trim Options: Stair Nosing / T-Molding / Threshold / Reducer / Quarter Round:
Hallmark Floors manufactured trim Lengths are 82″

*All Hallmark Floors’ moldings are engineered with the exception of Quarter Round.

Hardwood Floor Molding

Monterey Baccarra install by Lets Remodel

Monterey, Bacarra

We design beautiful, fashionable floors for any life style.

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