1960s Mid Century Ranch Style by Working Holiday Spaces Featuring Hallmark Floors | Introducing Interior Design couple Carlos Naude and Whitney Brown from Working Holiday Studio. The couple behind the passion of this Los Angeles suburb and Zen Den. The Hallmark Floors’ product featured in this Mid Century Ranch style house is our Ventura Pearl Oak Engineered Hardwood Floors. Photos provided by: photographer Candide Wolhlgemuth.

“Zen Den is a serene residence and design showroom located in Los Angeles, CA inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian design with Mexican influences.” As a partner in the Zen Den project, we had a chance to talk with Carlos & Whitney about the process, inspiration and of course the flooring of their Instagram worthy home nestled in the hills Los Angeles.

Our interview with Carlos & Whitney of Working Holiday Studio.

The designing of the ZenDen project, a modern haven.


Why did you choose Hallmark Floors? Why Ventura, Pearl Oak?


We wanted to have a modern premium look and at the same time we wanted a minimal Scandinavian look so the Ventura, Pearl Oak met all those requirements.

Would you recommend Hallmark Floors to your clients or others?


We would absolutely recommend Hallmark Floors to our clients and other people out there. Amazing service, fast shipping, beautiful designs and great quality.

Was there anything you were taking into consideration when you were choosing your wood floors?


Yes, we knew we definitely wanted hard wood floors  (specifically oak), we also wanted a wider plank size, we wanted a lighter minimal look and we wanted something of high quality that was going to be durable.

How would you describe your design style?


Simple, Warm, Modern — somewhat eclectic since we like to mix styles.

What was your design inspiration for Working Holiday Studio’s latest project Zen Den?


It’s a combination of the simplicity Scandinavian design, Japanese zen principles and Mexican warmth.

What is your favorite material to design with?


We like the combination of cold and warm materials.. like Wood and Concrete or Stone.

Do you have any design tips you would like to pass on to others designers, homeowners, DIYers?


Follow your instincts, less Pinterest and more taking risks :)

What inspired you to become a designer and how long have you been designing?


I think we both have always been drawn to creating spaces that are enjoyable to be in, from our bedrooms in the house we grew up when we were little to our little rental apartment in New York City. But we’ve been professionally doing interior design since 3 years ago.

What was your inspiration behind the ZenDen project?

We wanted to create a space that felt serene and calm, beautiful but functional. So we brought together some of the styles that we love the most – Scandinavian and Japanase with influences of Mexican design given my background.

Photography by Candide Wolhlgemuth

If you would like to learn more about Working Holiday Studios and see more about the Zen Den project, follow this link to their website

Special thanks to husband and wife duo, Whitney Brown & Carlos Naude.

1960s Mid Century Ranch Style by Working Holiday Spaces Featuring Hallmark Floors
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