hallmark hardwoodsHallmark Floors partners with Graf Thomas Lumber in Vanceburg, Kentucky to sustainably log Timberland used in Hallmark Floors Engineered and Solid Hardwood products.

Together the two companies have purchased acreage of timberland in Kentucky that will be logged over the next two years. Trees found on the land include, white oak, hickory, and some red oak. Once cut, the trees are taken to the local sawmill where the cut logs are either put in containers and shipped to Hallmark flooring factory or processed into lumber and then shipped to the factory.

Graf Thomas Lumber Forest Group

GTL is a vertically integrated hardwood business. GTL responsibly harvests timber by only practicing in select cutting and no clear cuts. As members of the KFIA, NHLA, IHLA, NWFA, AHEC, WPMA and ALC, they follow very strict guidelines for harvesting and processing timber in the most eco-conscious way possible.

hallmark hardwoods GTLSustainability

Sustainable forest practices encourages and strengthens forest regeneration through consciously supervising the health and well being of the forest while also supporting local communities to ensure the conservation of heritage, reserves and ensuring the regeneration of the forest.
According to the Rainforest Alliance, “The goal is to harvest in such a way that allows these species the chance to regenerate, and ensures that the forest’s overall ecological health is maintained, restored, or even enhanced.”

The partnership provides sustainable forest practices while also encouraging economic enrichment to the Vanceburg community. Located at the heart of the Ohio river, and central to the Appalachian region, (GTL) provides local, American lumber with the assurance of regrowth and sustainability.

Hallmark is proud to partner with GTL, an organization that takes such pride and responsibility in their logging practices. Hallmark Floors values the select cutting and strategic methods used by GTL that aid in ensuring fuller forests for future generations and natural resources for plants, soils, wildlife and people.