We purchased our floor from Larry Lovingier, who works for P.E. Jepson Lumber in Kirksville, Missouri 63501. Larry was very accommodating  and came and measured our home to help us with our flooring purchase. We LOVE our new Hallmark Silverado Tobacco flooring and Weston Smith installed it and was quite knowledgeable and particular with his work. We are very pleased with our floors and so thankful that we chose the Hallmark  flooring for our home . THANKS again,
Glenn W. – La Plata, MO

We are always pleased to hear when retailers and installers go above and beyond with our flooring. Thank you Glen for your kind words and thank you to P.E. Jepson Lumber for being so accommodating to our mutual customers needs, and to Weston Smith for being a great installer of our floors. Check out the installation below:

Silverado Tobacco installation in La Plata MO

Silverado: Tobacco installation in La Plata Missouri

Silverado Tobacco installation in La Plata MO

Detail of Hallmark Floors Silverado: Tobacco installation

Silverado Tobacco installed in La Plata MO

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