The Beauty of Natural Hickory Flooring

The Beauty of Hickory is highlighted in our natural hickory flooring.A Walk Through the Woods

The beauty of natural hickory flooring is all around us. You’re walking through a forest. It’s quiet and calm. Birds are singing and you pass a stray wanderer or two. The sights and sounds of the forest fill you with joy. It’s a beautiful sight. You look up and find yourself in the heart of the forest, surrounded by hundreds of trees. But what comes to mind when you think about trees? Well, they have roots, bark, branches, and leaves. Together, trees create forests bustling with life. An individual tree on first glance doesn’t seem all that spectacular. But if you look closer, you’ll start to see how distinctively beautiful they truly are.

An Eye for Detail

The true beauty of trees lies in their details. As you near a forest, you start to see the differences of each tree, in the veins of every leaf and the thickness and patterns of their bark. Much like you and me, trees have unique characteristics. No two are the same. It’s these differences that make a forest so breathtaking. And it’s these differences that carry over into the natural beauty of hardwood floors.

Hallmark Floors carries a full line of beautiful, natural Hardwood Floors that contain hickory for detailed coloring to fit any theme and compliment any lifestyle. Because Hallmark produces a natural product, our focus is on bringing out the different characteristics in every floor. Every tree is different, so every hardwood floor is different. That’s what makes it so naturally beautiful.

The Hickory Tree

One of the most common choices for hardwood floors is hickory. Because of its durability, beauty, and practicality, hickory is incredibly popular. Hickories are well-known for their very good strength and shock resistance, as well as excellent steam-bending properties as stated by American Hardwoods. We use hickory in several of our collections for natural hickory flooring including; Alta Vista, Chaparral, Heirloom, Moderno, Monterey, Novella, Organic Solid, Organic 567 Engineered Collection, and Ventura.

Hickory is one of the hardest woods, with a Janka rating of 1820. It resists dents, splitting, and scratching more than other woods. It has a rustic look and gives any room a touch of warmth. City dwellers use hickory to invoke a relaxed charm to their overall décor and design. We love seeing all the different ways our customers play with the rich tones of hickory.

Even though the natural look of hickory is gorgeous by itself, applied colorants/stains can enhance its raw beauty. It takes to applied stains very well and using wider planks will showcase a variety in colors and pattern – from tans to amber or tinges of red.

The Beauty of Hickory – Natural Hickory Flooring from Hallmark Floors

Hallmark Floors Avalon Natural Hickory Flooring

Hallmark Floors Avalon Natural Hickory Flooring

Hickory has a country feel to it, more so using more inclusive grading for more authentic looks and in wider planks. For a more modern look, high-grade hickory shows less knottiness and lends well to a contemporary look. Hickory comes in a great variety and gives off an old-world feel. Because of its variety and durability, hickory is used in thousands of products, including veneers, cabinetry, and furniture. Part of the beauty of hickory is due to its unique grain patterns and natural look. It has a rich undertone that comes out well in natural light and using a darker stain will really emphasize these colors.

Finally, we always recommend picking out your floors in person and being present during install so you can truly see how the unique floors you’ve picked out will look in your home. As a helpful hint consider purchasing one box of flooring first and setting it up in the room where it will be installed. This will let you see how the wood will look with your room’s lighting and furnishings.

The Durability of Hickory

One thing you can count on when you choose hickory floors is that it will last a very long time. It also holds up well to sanding and refinishing. You can use hickory in rooms with high traffic, like your kitchen. It holds up to the most used spaces, even with pets and kids in the house! Due to the physical challenges of installation strongly consider having it professionally installed. Any one of our Spotlight Dealers can help you make view our entire line and make the right choice for you.

What’s Your Flavor?

 Avalon Natural Hickory Flooring

Avalon Natural Hickory Flooring

The most important part of choosing hardwood flooring is to know how it will look and hold up in your home. Because our product is made from trees, what you bring home will be unique in its own way. Your best bet is to visit a Hallmark dealer near you. Another suggestion – check to see if one of our Spotlight Dealers is near your home! Browse our collections and choose what strikes you, maybe one of our hickory products like Eliot from Novella or Sagebrush from Chaparral. No matter what you end up taking home, your floors will be uniquely beautiful and entirely individual – a wood made just for you.

The Beauty of Natural Hickory Flooring

Created by Nature…Crafted by Hallmark

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