Marrying White Kitchen Cabinets with Ventura – Tide Pool Floors

Brand new colors options are always an exciting subject at Hallmark Floors! That’s because every color that we roll out means that there are interior designs on the horizon. One new color that is generating a lot of industry buzz is the Ventura: Tide Pool. This maple hardwood flooring option is a designer’s delight that features an especially curated aesthetic, offering a gently aged and weathered appearance.

The Ventura – Tide Pool is a diverse offering that lends itself to an expansive design spectrum. One highly-sought after design element that best accentuates this flooring option is stark contrast. Contrast in a living space can be achieved in a variety of ways; especially when floors and cabinets fall on opposite sides of the color range.

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How do white kitchen cabinets and Ventura – Tide Pool floors create cohesiveness?

Interior design elements in a kitchen scheme are vitally important. A key ingredient in achieving contrast is selecting furnishings that carry both of the contrasting hues. One classic example is choosing lighting fixtures with a similar darker wood to offer constancy between light and dark subjects. Another way to achieve contrast is by blending light and dark color subjects together in one element such as a dark wood table top with white table legs. This effect synchronizes the finish of the wood flooring while also representing the cabinetry.

Furthermore, color can be used as a common denominator by offering unity in a space where a variety of elements require harmony. Choosing a color palette with multiple hues can help to synchronize cabinets and flooring when balanced throughout a kitchen. The brilliance of the Ventura – Tide Pool is even more accentuated when integrated with overall harmony!

The Ventura – Tide Pool is capable of effortlessly making a statement while transcending design styles. We look forward to the creative interiors that designers and homeowners alike will introduce using this stunning flooring product!

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Marrying White Kitchen Cabinets with Ventura - Tide Pool Floors


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