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A return to vintage European Design, the Alta Vista Collection is crafted out of genuine French White Oak, a premier hardwood. For centuries this wood has been used for everything from flooring to shipbuilding because of its stability. Alta Vista boasts generous widths and lengths, and is topped with our exclusive NuOil® finish for a classic aesthetic.

The floors feature Hallmarks authentic sawn-cut style, that is lightly sculpted & wire brushed 100% by hand, proving the dynamics & innovation of the Alta Vista Collection. This collection’s stunning color pallet and historically worn/natural patina reinforces a true European trend and makes it one of a kind.

  • Alta Vista Balboa Oak Vignette
  • Alta Vista Carmel Oak Vignette
  • Alta Vista Del Mar Oak Vignette
  • Alta Vista Laguna Oak Vignette
  • Alta Vista Malibu Oak Vignette
  • Alta Vista Morro Bay Oak Vignette
  • Alta Vista Catalina Oak Vignette
  • Alta Vista Historic Oak Vignette

Alta Vista Color Chart Web Update


* Dark fill in natural splits and knots.

Alta Vista
5/8” thick with 1/6” (4mm) sawn cut face
6’2″ (74”)
Edge Detail:
Handcrafted Bevel
Surface Texture:
Hand Sculpted & Lightly Wire Brushed
23.31 sqft / carton; 50 cartons / pallet
50 lbs / carton
3 year Commercial Finish and 10 year Commercial Structural
Trim Options:
Stair Nosing / T-Molding / Threshold / Reducer / Quarter Round;
Installation Options:
Glue Down, Staple, Float, and Over Radiant Heat
Cleaning Methods:
NuOil® Natural Oil Cleaner & NuOil® Renu
Commercial Moderate:
EN 31 – Bedrooms, Hotels, Conference Rooms Small Offices
Commercial General:
(Commercial Light)
EN 32 – Classrooms, Small Offices, Hotels Boutiques
HUD/FHA Requirements:
Meets or Exceeds
Coefficient of Friction (ASTM D-2349):
Exceeds ADA Guidelines of .60
Flooring Radiant Panel Test (ASTM E-648):
Passes (Class1)
Flame Spread Tunnel Test (ASTM E-84):
Meets Class C
Sound Transmission Class STC (ASTM E-90):
Eternity Underlayment STC 72/IIC 73/ Delta 20
Impact Insulation Class IIC (ASTM E-492, E-989):
Eternity Underlayment STC 72/IIC 73/ Delta 20
FSC® Certificate:
Certificate – SCS-COC-004977 | License – FSC-C121559
Subfloor Requirements:
Below, On or Above Grade
Installation Adhesive:
Urethane wood Adhesive

All wood collections are natural products and can have high variation of color and graining. It is recommended to look at our room scenes and multiple samples when making a final product selection.


Installation Instruction

Hallmark Commercial Wood Installation Instructions 2014
Installation Instructions PDF
Click here to download.

Maintenance & Warranty

Hallmark Commercial Wood Maintenance and Warranty 2014 | Hallmark Floors IncMaintenance & Warranty PDF
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Ceilings & Walls

Hallmark Commercial hardwood installation instructions for ceilings & walls
Ceilings & walls Instructions PDF
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Hallmark Commercial Catalog for Hallmark Hardwood Flooring

Alta Vista Brochure PDF
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Alta Vista Commercial Hardwood Flooring

Alta Vista Commercial Hardwood Flooring is manufactured with our innovative NuOil® finish. Easy to maintain and renew, Alta Vista is the perfect choice for commercial projects. Beautiful, contemporary colors and styles, designed to work in a variety of environments makes Alta Vista Commercial Flooring both durable and smart.

Nu Oil is a hybrid multi-layer oil finish

NuOil® Hybrid Multi-layer Oil Finish

NuOil® incorporates new hybrid technology, creating a highly durable, stain and fade resistant finish, all with a limited lifetime warranty. NuOil® is easier to maintain than traditional oils and does not require an immediate re-coat at time of install.

NuOil® – Simply Worry Free

The revolutionary oil system using hybrid technology making it:

• Highly Durable
• Easily Renewable
• Stain Free Resistant

One step better, one step less for a worry free floor.


Hallmark Floors NuOil Surface Finish for Alta Vista hardwood Flooring

Simply Versatile

Hybrid Multi-Layer Finish Process Creates Most Durable and Versatile Oil Finish in the Marketplace. NuOil® is Unsurpassed in Stain & Wear Resistance.


Alta Vista wood floors is a natural product that features distinct color and graining. The contrast of this collection can vary from light to dark visuals between boards along with the grading of large to small knots. Each board is unique in its characteristics and will vary from piece to piece. Natural surface knots and voids are filled with dark putty.

This floor represents a subtle to antique-distressed visual (Historic Walnut and Oak). These subtleties may become more distinct over time due to exposure to direct sunlight. Occasional rearranging of furniture and rugs will help reduce the potential effects of the sun.

*Below are samples of the board variation range in Alta Vista: Avalon, Balboa, Catalina, Del Mar, Laguna & Malibu. Remember, wood is a natural product and will naturally vary in graining, color and shading.

Alta Vista Avalon Graining Chart

Natural graining and wood color variation within Alta Vista: Avalon

Alta Vista Balboa Graining Chart

Natural graining and wood color variation within Alta Vista: Balboa

Alta Vista Catalina Graining Chart

Natural graining and wood color variation within Alta Vista: Catalina

Alta Vista Del Mar Graining Chart

Natural graining and wood color variation within Alta Vista: Del Mar

Alta Vista Laguna Graining Chart

Natural graining and wood color variation within Alta Vista: Laguna

Alta Vista Malibu Graining Chart

Natural graining and wood color variation within Alta Vista: Malibu

Only true hardwood veneers for the centerply in Hallmark Truecore hardwood flooring
The Alta Vista Collection from Hallmark Floors has our Truecore. A great engineered hardwood floor starts with a strong foundation. Hallmark Floors uses only true hardwood veneers for the centerply in our hardwood flooring. The ply’s are pressed at high pressure and heat. The process compresses the core veneers and makes the plank harder and more dimensionally stable.

TRUECORE – Simply Safer

Created with high pressure & heat resulting in

• Higher Stability
• Higher Density
• Higher Strength

For the highest achievable solution for your home-simply safer.

mg4 is the logo for our multiple generational 4mm sawn face.
Hallmark Floors’ Alta Vista engineered hardwood floors, features a long lasting 4mm PEFC Certified French and USFS Certified North American certified sawn face layer. This ultra thick wear layer has the same usable surface as 3/4” solid hardwood flooring, allowing 3 guaranteed sandings. You can now enjoy the superior dimensional stability of an engineered hardwood floor without compromising on the thickness of the surface wear layer.

MG4 – Simply Renewable

100% Sawn, PEFC Certified French and USFS Certified North American Species Hardwoods producing a,

• Certified
• Guaranteed
• Long Lasting

Wear layer for Multi-Generations
to enjoy for years to come.


Hallmark Floors' Hallmark Hardwoods Premium Sawn – Cut Face

Sawn Face allows for a thicker face cut and solid hardwood flooring visuals. Sawn-Face engineered hardwood floors use slow growth materials more efficiently.

Simply Thicker

Wear Surface Comparison


Hallmark Hardwoods Alta Vista engineered hardwood flooring, uses premium PEFC Certified French and USFS Certified North American Species. American Walnut and French White Oak have been the premium woods used in fine furniture and cabinets for centuries. Sourced from sustainable sources make these historic woods an ideal fit for your home.

European & American Timber Sourcing

Hardwood Floor Molding (Trim)

Hardwood floor molding and trim information for Hallmark Hardwoods floors. If you have questions or would like to order our molding, email us or call.

Trim Options: Stair Nosing / T-Molding / Threshold / Reducer / Quarter Round:
Hallmark Floors manufactured trim Lengths are 82″

*All Hallmark Floors’ moldings are engineered with the exception of Quarter Round.

Organic Trim Options for our Organic Hardwood Flooring Collection by Hallmark Floors

Molding Specifications
Download PDF Here

A vignette of Balboa Vista Hardwood Flooring Collection by Hallmark Floors

Alta Vista: Balboa – Oak

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