FAQ Luxury Vinyl Floors

Yes. Hallmark has a Screen and Coating process specifically for our Surface Guardian Finish that will remove light to moderate scratches and restore the luster of the floor back to its original state of when it was first installed.

Regular vacuuming with a soft brush to remove grit and dirt followed by Hallmark’s Trueclean Cleaner with a Terricloth mop head.

No. Many adhesive removers contain solvents that would leave a residue on the surface of the subfloor. This residue can react negatively with the new adhesive and bleed through the new floor covering.

Kiln dried dimensional lumber, plywood, O.S.B., tongue and groove subfloors must be covered with kiln dried Baltic Birch underlayment plywood or equivalent. Please see installation instructions for specific details.

No. Any existing resilient flooring must be removed before any new flooring is installed.

No. Hallmark LVT can only be installed in an acclimated environment.

Improper use of an adhesive (installing into a pressure sensitive adhesive wet), using the incorrect adhesive (adhesive not recommended for LVT), uneven subfloor and not acclimating Hallmark LVT can all cause end peaking.

First try TrueClean with a MicroFiber or Terry Cloth mop head. If that does not work, use TrueClean with a medium speed buffer and a white buffer pad. After buffing, clean the floor with TrueClean and a clean mop head.

Riata, from the 3Twenty Dry Back Rigid vinyl flooring collection by Hallmark Floors.