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Jill & Brooks Rolling

Jill & Brooks Rolling

Jill Rollings has over 10 years of experience designing new construction homes, together with co-owner and husband Brooks, who himself has over 20 year experiencing in construction, they lead the team at Black Birch Homes and Design. They continue their heritage of industry knowledge, integrity and value all while keeping the beauty of design at the forefront.

Learn all about Brooks, Jill and their entire team and mission state on their website at, for daily inspiration, check out their Instagram page @blackbirchhomes.

We interviewed Jill Rolling of Black Birch Homes and Design to get to know what inspires her not only as a designer, but as a co-owner of a top rated, custom home builder in Des Moines.

Photos by Kelsey Sutton Photography.

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Inspiration, Defined.

Our interview with Jill Rolling of Black Birch Homes and Design.


Black Birch and Hallmark Home Featuring Alta Vista Balboa Oak