Sliced-cut (or flat cut) veneer is the second most common way to create a wood veneer. It’s the same way most boards are cut, just in much thinner layers (2mm or less). It has a beautiful look and provides stability for engineered wood floors. Although sawn-cut veneers are more stable and stronger than slice-cut veneers, slice cut veneers are the next best choice and are more affordable for most households. There are two ways to create sliced-cut veneers: horizontal cut and vertical cut. The difference is the direction of the knife when cutting the log. In the common method (horizontal cut), the log is repeatedly sliced parallel to the center.  However, according to the experts, to produce a better slice-cut face veneer, the log should be vertically cut from the top down. As a result, it creates less stress on the veneer during the slicing process and makes vertically slice-cut veneers stronger with max stability for a variety environments. How the wood is cut makes a difference in engineered floors.

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Trueslice explains the way Hallmark Floors slices wood for their hardwood floors.

TrueSlice is a new progressive process developed for the sole purpose of greatly increasing one thing… “Stability”. With a highly stable & thicker face cut TrueSlice greatly reduces the opportunity for checking in dry environments when compared to traditional processing methods. Simply ensuring a lifetime of memories on your investment.

unrivaled slice face stability

Hallmark Floors Others
 veneer block illustration cut from a veneer block
– allows wood to be pressure streamed for optimum stability
cut from a log
– higher possibility for stress
 steamed pressure illustration pressured steaming (90/100F)
– for less stress = stability
boiling (212F)
– higher temperature weakens fibers
vertical cut illustration vertical cut
– high end process for a stable, cleaner, 2mm veneer
horizontal cut
– older process
– sliced veneer production

How the wood is cut makes a difference in engineered floors.

What types of cuts can you get for your Veneer Wood Floors? Get the facts on the different cuts available, and discover why Hallmark Floors is a cut above the rest.