What is the Core in engineered wood floors?

Only the best cores in engineered wood floors are created with plywood, but not all plywood is created equal. The stability and the safety of the plywood depends on how it was created. How the wood is prepared, pressed, dried and glued during the process of creating the core of engineered wood floors is critical. This process determines whether the floor is CARB II complaint, environmentally safe and durable to withstand any lifestyle. Hallmark Floors promotes all facets safety, quality and stability in utilizing our TrueCore Centerply, strong from the inside out.

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Only true hardwood veneers for the centerply in Hallmark Truecore hardwood flooring

A great engineered hardwood floor starts with a strong foundation. Hallmark Floors’ Truecore Centerply contains only true hardwood species (others use softer, inexpensive softwoods). The ply’s are pressed at high pressure and heat. The process compresses the core veneers and makes the plank harder and more dimensionally stable.

what’s in the core?

Hallmark Floors Others
hot-pressed-illustration hot pressed for greater stability/longevity cold press
veneer-density-illustration veneer density/heat tempering for greater stability/longevity less dense and less stable
vertically integrated for better quality control bought, prefabricated, or outsourced
carb-ii-illustration CARB II compliant ?
100% hardwood blend of different wood species
highest possible bonding strength ?
environmentally responsible ?

What is the core in engineered wood floors? All of Hallmark Floors engineered hardwood flooring is made with TrueCore Centerply, quality you can count on.