Castle & Cottage Luxury Vinyl Flooring Is Beautiful!

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Castle & Cottage Luxury Vinyl Flooring Is Beautiful!

Eclipse the mediocre with Hallmark Luxury Vinyl.

Castle & Cottage luxury vinyl flooring is beautiful!

Castle & Cottage Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Why Hallmark Luxury Vinyl?

Hallmark Luxury Vinyl is Reinventing Luxury Vinyl (LVT) with Strength, Performance, Luxury and Style.

  • Each piece of Hallmark Luxury Vinyl has been designed to give you the feel of its natural wood or stone counterpart.
  • Hallmark is doing its best at reinventing real stone and wood visuals on a Luxury Vinylk format giving you the same look at a better value with better performance.
  • You can trust Hallmark Luxury Vinyl to to last because we only use the highest quality raw materials to manufacturer our Luxury Vinyl.
  • Hallmark takes the latest trends in the design community and combines that with the latest technological advancement in Luxury Vinyl.
  • Hallmark’s highly engineered Luxury Vinyl products are suitable for Residential, Retail, Healthcare, Assisted Living, Medical Facilities, Education, Hospitality, amongst others.

Hallmark has taken the old, traditional look of LVT and reinvented it to encompass all the different hardwood & stone visuals including wide width, long length, hand scraped, wire brushed, reclaimed and every type of natural and man made stone on the market today.

Castle and Cottage vs Traditional LVT

  • High end visuals in a value budgeted line, compared to standard oak, hickory and cherry colors.
  • Wood grain embossing, compared to a ticking texture.
  • Long Lengths (48”), compared to 36” long planks.
  • PureCore Ultra – made from 100% virgin vinyl, compared to recycled content.
  • Comprehensive Program for the product including marketing, merchandising and website support, compared to simply selling off of a strap set.
  • Hot Press Manufacturing Method, compared to Extruded using Adhesive.
  • Surface Guardian Basic UV Cured Ceramic Finish that is Recoatable, compared to a film containing aluminum oxide.
  • Wider Widths, compared to a narrower 3-4” width plank.
Provincial Oak Castle & Cottage Hallmark Luxury Vinyl

Provincial Oak Castle & Cottage

Castle & Cottage is Now available! Ask our distributors for Castle & Cottage Luxury Vinyl today! Order your flooring through your local flooring retailer and discover for yourself why Hallmark is Today’s Luxury Vinyl.

Castle & Cottage luxury vinyl flooring | Eclipse the mediocre with Hallmark Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Eclipse the mediocre with Hallmark Luxury Vinyl flooring.

Hallmark Floors Luxury Vinyl Product Collection

Castle & Cottage Luxury Vinyl flooring offers a tasteful spectrum of hardwood visuals ranging from traditional to modern. Boasting a generous 6” x 48” format, and realistic embossed wood grain textures, Castle & Cottage eclipses anything you have seen before.

  • 48” lengths & 6” widths
  • embossed wood texture
  • modern colors & visuals
  • 100% virgin material
  • competitive pricing

Contributor(s): Sylvia Bulanek
Date: June 19, 2014

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