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Photo Portfolio & Installation Gallery

Photo Portfolio – “Imagine all the possibilities with Hallmark Floors and discover why our floors are simply better.”

They say, “A picture says a thousands words”, see what they mean and sort through our products.  A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to the installation gallery. There are quite a few beautiful homes and creative designs to look through.  Discover more creative ideas on Houzz and Pinterest.

Product Thumbnail Photo Portfolio

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Hallmark’s Photo Portfolio of thumbnail images includes specifications on all of Hallmark Floors’ hardwood and Luxury Vinyl collections. Sort quickly through different colors, species, textures and more on the product photo portfolio.

Photo Portfolio | Del Mar Alta Vista Hardwood Flooring by Hallmark Floos

Installation Photo Portfolio

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Installation projects were sent in by homeowners, retailers, designers & architects from all over the United States, with testimonials. Have any questions, please contact us or your local Authorized Hallmark Floors dealer.

Photo Portfolio | Organic solid tulsi kitchen island installation

Share Your Photos

We are always in need for more residential and commercial images for our Photo Portfolio. Help the next Hallmark Floors’ customer by sharing your photos with us and we will give you a e-gift card.  It’s a small thank you for helping us to help others with their decision to choose our floors.

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Bench DIY Project

A fun use of Hallmark Floors’ organic flooring scraps.

Green Step Organic flooring scraps DIY Project. Green Step is a Spotlight Dealer out of Cary, North Carolina

Green Step Organic flooring scraps DIY Project.

Green Step Flooring DIY 4 project. Green Step flooring is a Spotlight Dealer for Hallmark Floors.

New DIY project and a Spotlight Dealer Green Step’s bench.

What are Spotlight dealers?

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