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Internet Selling

Hallmark Floors Inc. will not honor any claim for product purchased over the internet nor will we accept returns of such materials. To see internet sales policy please click here.

All Distributors have agreed defined territories. You are responsible for maintaining that products are sold in your territory only. ANY warranty claim MUST be inspected by you and a copy of both the dealer and Hallmark Invoice must be included in a warranty issue. So if your dealer sells product outside of your defined territory, you are responsible for that inspection and any costs to remedy the situation. As well, we have a policy regarding Internet sales and the use of our Trademark, logo and use of intellectual property, be familiar with it.

Know that it is our goal to provide you with world class product and services while at the same time enhancing and protecting your territories and the dealer experience and service. We firmly believe the dealer on the local level, earned 1 at a time, is the cornerstone of our brand and future. We do not want to diminish in any way your marketing privilege but at the same need to protect how and where the brand is used and sold to maintain our standards and image.