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 Hallmark Floors Distributors Map | 2018
2019 Hallmark Floors Distribution Map

Distributors Locations* for Retailers and Designers

Hallmark Floors’ Distributors are the best in the industry. They will answer all of your questions in regards to ordering Hallmark Floors’ products.

Attention Retailers: Please see the following point of purchase products that are exclusively available through your distributor, click here. If you are a homeowner needing to purchase our flooring, click here for our Locate a Dealer directory.

Hallmark Floors Distributors Map Locations| 2017


Hallmark Floors’ doesn’t sell direct to the dealer, homeowner or commercial entities (designers or architect). We believe, to provide the best customer service and support for a home owner (end-user), is to provide them with the best dealers in their area. To achieve this, we exclusively work with the best distributor in that region.

The distributor works exclusively and directly with their dealers. Hallmark Floors then works exclusively with the distributor so as to provide the best support for their dealers.

Distributors Role: Our distributors are a conduit between us, the manufacturer of the flooring products, and the other entities in the supply chain or channel, such as a retailer or commercial entity (designer and architect). The distributor preforms some of the same functions that we do, but they take a crucial role in supporting the dealers.

If you would like to be a Hallmark Floors’ flooring dealer, you must contact the distributor in your area. See the chart above.

If you would like to be a Spotlight Dealer, please ask your distributor for more information. They determine who will be a Spotlight Dealer.

Our newest Distributor: Ohio Valley Flooring

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