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Hallmark Floors firmly believes in the total satisfaction of the consumer and is proud of the products we manufacture. To that end, we believe there is NO substitute for the personal, professional service that a local store offering installation advice and service plus the local knowledge of the proper selection of Hardwood Flooring offers. This service we believe is best delivered by a network of Authorized Dealers. We do NOT include Internet Dealers in our Authorized Dealer Network unless they sell AND service the product on the local level from a storefront. We believe that the Internet is a useful tool for finding information and comparison to other products, but is NOT a substitute for professional advice. Because we know from years of experience that the number 1 cause of complaints are related to Installation, Hallmark Floors will not honor Warranty concerns from Unauthorized Internet Sales.

We cannot guarantee that the material sold was first quality nor that is it was properly transported or stored in a local warehouse familiar with the specific regions requirements. Like other Flooring Manufacturers, we have become increasing aware of the disconnect and dissatisfaction that occurs with a substantial investment in a product like Hardwood Flooring that is dependent on the proper selection and environment for proper performance, Wood Flooring unlike other types of products that are fully manufactured “ready to plug in “, outside influences play a large role in their performance so we ask that you carefully consider all options carefully.