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Courtier Commercial Premium Vinyl Plank Flooring

Simply Regal

The best of both worlds. Courtier Premium Vinyl Plank Flooring combines the beauty of real hardwood with the durability and functionality of vinyl.  This innovative type of flooring perfectly replicates both reclaimed and contemporary hardwood floors, while being completely waterproof, durable and easy to clean. Courtier PVP is based on an innovative process providing naturally weathered sawn-cut wood visuals, textures and colors – simply the most elegant wood alternative on the market. Courtier PVP is FloorScore Certified and made using 100% pure virgin vinyl.

Courtier vinyl plank flooring is waterproof vinyl that looks like wood floors.



  • Surface Guardian Pro Finish – 20 mil wear layer
  • Waterproof & Lifetime Residential Warranty
  • High-definition Printing, Wood Textures & Sawn-cut Visuals



Courtier color chart


Courtier Premium Vinyl Plank | 16 Colors
7″ x 59″ x 5.5 mm
Wear layer Thickness:
20 mil
Surface Texture:
Surface Guardian Pro UV Coating
Cartons Per Pallet 65 – Planks Per Box 10 – Sq. Ft. Per Carton 28.64
36.17 lbs.
Commercial Warranty:
20 year Structural + 10 year commercial Finish
Commercial Moderate:
EN 31 – Bedrooms, Hotels, Conference Rooms Small Offices
Commercial General:
EN 32 – Classrooms, Small Offices, Hotels Boutiques
Cleaning Methods:
Hallmark TrueClean floor cleaner
ASTM F137 – Flexibility:
ASTM F386 – Thickness Standard
ASTM F925 5 – Resistance to Chemicals (5 minute standard):
ASTM F925 – Resistance to Chemicals (24 hour standard):
ASTM F1514 – Heat Stability by Color Change:
ASTM F1515 – Light Stability by Color Change:
ASTM F1914 – Short Term Indentation:
ASTM F2199 – Dimensional Stability after exposure to heat:
Fire Resistance (ASTM E648):
Class C – Pass
Coefficient of Friction (ASTM D-2047-04):
Smoke Density (ASTM E662-09):
Static Load (ASTM F970-07):
Wear Resistance High ASTM: F510-93


ATTENTION!: Exposure to direct sunlight and other heat sources information.
ATTENTION!: Luxury & Premium Vinyl flooring subjected to excessive heat and light exposure is subject to expansion and contraction (thermal degradation). Use appropriate precautions to minimize potential affects on your luxury vinyl floor.

Installation Instructions

EZ LOC e cover instructions

Installation Instructions
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Maintenance & Warranty

Hallmark Commercial Luxury Vinyl Maintenance & Warranty

Maintenance & Warranty
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Specification Sheet

ecover Courtier Tearsheet

Specification & Color Chart
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 Vinyl Brochure

All lvt Brochure ecover

Vinyl Brochure PDF
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Hallmark Floors' Surface Guardian Pro Wear Layer Protection

Consists of a 20mil wear layer topped with a UV coating containing metallic additives to create our most durable product. All surface Guardian products also contain Micro Nanocontrol. Rated for residential and full commercial use.

Simply Cleaner

UV Ceramic Coating containing Nanocontrol for

• Superior clarity
• Superior durability

Where durability and fashion meet for superior performance and beauty.

Hallmark Floors' Nanocontrol

Nanocontrol Anti-Microbial contains Propriety technology to deter the growth of microorganisms that come in contact with the surface of the Hallmark Luxury Vinyl floors. An Anti-Microbial Agent is bonded with other elements in the finish to create a barrier that impedes the growth of microorganisms/bacteria. Once the microorganisms come in contact with the surface of Nanocontrol Antimicrobial®, the formulation inhibits further growth of microorganisms.

Simply Healthier

Hallmark Luxury Vinyl Surface Finish Technology:

  • Anti-microbial/Anti-bacterial
  • Inhibits Growth of Micro Organisms
  • Protective Barrier

For a healthier indoor environment for homes and businesses.

EZ Loc logo


Plank features a locking joint on both sides and ends, for floating Luxury & Premium Vinyl installations. EZ Loc is available in Courtier Premium Vinyl Planks. Courtier Premium Vinyl Flooring is rated for both residential and commercial use.

Courtier Monarch

Purecore RIGID Logo for Polaris and Courtier Premium Vinyl

Hallmark Floors’ PurCore RIGID technology is a superior alternative to WPC, which is a patented hybrid composed of wood and plastic. PurCore RIGID contains zero wood fiber or mineral aggregate within the core, thus eliminating joint fatigue often found in WPC cores. The PurCore RIGID is injected with a proprietary hardening/stabilizing agent at the time of extrusion. This hardening/stabilizing process is more compatible with PVC, and therefore is more stable, with more durability in the locking mechanism and harder than composite PVC cores.

PURCORE – Simply Superior

Hallmark Surface Finish Technology is

• Higher Dimensional Stability
• Contains Zero Wood Fiber or Mineral Aggregate
• Durable Locking Mechanism

For the highest achievable solution for your home – simply stable.


PVP Construction

  • Base Backing – vinyl back layer equally balanced with the transparent top layer & film adding to a structurally stable product
  • PurCore Layer – more stable, with durable locking mechanism, harder than composite PVC cores
  • Printed Layer – vinyl film representing the tile or hardwood decor
  • Transparent Top Layer – layer of transparent vinyl for protection of the printed film during the pressing process in addition to increased durability for everyday living
  • Surface Guardian Coating – UV coating containing ceramic additives for superior durability. Surface Guardian Pro has the addition of Nanocontrol for antibacterial properties.

Hallmark Floors' Floor Score

Developed by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) together with Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) to test & certify flooring products for compliance with indoor air quality emission requirements adopted in California.

Contributing to a Leed Eq Credit 4.3 (1 pt) – low emitting material promoting healthy indoor air quality.

MR Credit 4 (1 pt) – 25% recycled content.

Simply Cleaner Air

FloorScore Certified for

• Healthy Indoor Air Quality
• Zero VOC
• Formaldehyde Free

A floor that will provide a healthier living atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Vinyl Molding

The moldings are designed to blend with the vinyl flooring. The same decor vinyl & wear layer that is used for the flooring is used for the moldings.

Multipurpose Reducer

multipurpose mold

Reducer is 72″ long and transitions flooring of different heights, for example, carpet to vinyl.


t molding for vinyl

T-Molding is 72″ long and transitions different types of flooring of the same height, for example, vinyl to vinyl.

Overlap Stair Nosing

overlap stair nosing for vinyl

Stair Nose is 94″ long. Any existing tread bullnose must be cut off

Quarter Round

quarter round molding

Quarter Round is 94″ long and finishes the perimeter of the floor. NOTE: Special order. Full box only 10 pieces/box.

Installation method

Snap Trak

snap track installation method

  • Position track 3/16″ away from vinyl floor
  • Firmly attack Snap Trak to sub floor using screws
  • Scre track to sub floor
  • Snap molding onto track
  • Trak is scribed so it can be snapped to the length required

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