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Castle and Cottage Ponderosa Pine Luxury Vinyl

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Castle & Cottage Luxury Vinyl flooring offers a tasteful spectrum of hardwood visuals, ranging from traditional to modern. It boasts a generous 6” x 48” format with realistic embossed wood grain textures.

Not only is Castle & Cottage beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain, it is also waterproof.

Color Chart for Castle & Cottage Hallmark Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Installation Options:
  • Glue Down
  • Double Glue with Eternity LVT underlayment system or equivalent
Castle & Cottage Luxury Vinyl Floors| 12 Colors
6” x 48” x 2mm
Wear layer Thickness:
12mil (.3mm)
Square Edge / End
Surface Texture:
Wood Grain Embossing
Surface Guardian Basic UV Ceramic Coating
Cartons Per Pallet 72 – Planks Per Box 18 – Sq. Ft. Per Carton 35.94
27.21 lbs.
Commercial Warranty:
10 year Structural + 7 year commercial Finish
Commercial Moderate:
EN 31 – Bedrooms, Hotels, Conference Rooms Small Offices
Commercial General:
EN 32 – Classrooms, Small Offices, Hotels Boutiques
Cleaning Methods:
Hallmark TrueClean floor cleaner
ASTM F137 – Flexibility:
ASTM F386 – Thickness Standard
ASTM F925 5 – Resistance to Chemicals (5 minute standard):
ASTM F925 – Resistance to Chemicals (24 hour standard):
ASTM F1514 – Heat Stability by Color Change:
ASTM F1515 – Light Stability by Color Change:
ASTM F1914 – Short Term Indentation:
ASTM F2199 – Dimensional Stability after exposure to heat:
Fire Resistance (ASTM E648)::
Class 1 – Pass
Coefficient of Friction (ASTM D-2047-04):
Exceeds ADA Guidelines of .60
Smoke Density (ASTM E662-09):
Static Load (ASTM F970-07):
Peel Resistance (EN 431):
Shear Resistance (EN 532):
Color Fastness to Light (EN 649):
Dimensional Stability (EN 434):
Wear Resistance (ASTM F510-93):
Pass – High
Formaldehyde Emission (Air):
None Detected – E1 Rating*
E1 Standard not to exceed 0.124 mg/m3 air
Method Detection Limit 0.080 mg/ m3 air
Short Term Indentation (ASTM F1914-98):
Impact Insulation Class IIC (ASTM E-492, E-989):
Eternity Underlayment IIC 71/ Delta 21
Installation System:
Glue Down Only (Hallmark Adhesive System Recommended)
Double Glue with Eternity LVT underlayment system or equivalent
Subfloor Requirements:
Below, On or Above Grade


Castle & Cottage Commercial LVT

Senegalia, Acacia

Castle & Cottage Commercial LVT

Provincial, Oak

ATTENTION!: Exposure to direct sunlight and other heat sources information.
ATTENTION!: Luxury vinyl flooring subjected to excessive heat and light exposure is subject to expansion and contraction (thermal degradation). Use appropriate precautions to minimize potential affects on your luxury vinyl floor.


Hallmark's Luxury Vinyl Adhesive Warranty

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Installation Instructions

Commercial Luxury Vinyl Installation Instruction Glue down

Installation Instructions
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Maintenance & Warranty

Hallmark Commercial Luxury Vinyl Maintenance & Warranty

Maintenance & Warranty
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Specification Sheet

Castle & Cottage Hallmark Luxury Vinyl Color Chart and Informational PDF

Specification & Color Chart
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 Vinyl Brochure

COMM lvt brochure WEB 2014 for Luxury Vinyl Flooring by Hallmark Floors

Vinyl Brochure PDF
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Castle & Cottage Commercial Luxury Vinyl

Castle and Cottage luxury vinyl was created using high resolution, premium visuals, long 48” plank lengths and a realistic wood grain embossed surface, lending to its tremendous value in the market. To ensure the best possible installation, use Hallmark Floors Luxury Vinyl Adhesive System to tackle any obstacles you may face on your next project and Trueclean to keep your floor looking as god as it did the day it was installed.

Simply Better…Discover Why

surface guardian logo web

Consists of a 12mil wear layer topped with a UV coating containing ceramic additives for superior durability. Rated for residential and light commercial use.

Simply Cleaner

UV Ceramic Coating containing for

• Beautiful Visuals
• Superior Durability

Where durability and fashion meet for superior performance and beauty.

Hallmark Floors' Floor Score

Developed by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) together with Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) to test & certify flooring products for compliance with indoor air quality emission requirements adopted in California.

Contributing to a Leed Eq Credit 4.3 (1 pt) – low emitting material promoting healthy indoor air quality.

MR Credit 4 (1 pt) – 25% recycled content.

Simply Healthier

FloorScore Certified for

• Healthy Indoor Air Quality
• Recycled Content
• Zero VOC
• Formaldehyde Free

A floor that will provide a healthier living atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Hallmark Luxury Vinyl Purcore Ultra

Purcore Ultra is Hallmark’s proprietary formula of raw materials, including only the highest quality Pure virgin vinyl. PurCore is strictly monitored for consistency & quality in production. Purcore Ultra is the most structurally stable vinyl core available.

PURCORE – Simply Stable

Hallmark Surface Finish Technology is

• Higher Dimensional Stability
• Higher Density
• Decreased chance for Delamination

For the highest achievable solution for your home – simply stable.

LVT Construction with Purcore illustration
  • Base Backing – vinyl back layer equally balanced with the transparent top layer & film adding to a dimensionally stable product
  • PurCore Layer – highest quality virgin vinyl producing one of the most dimensionally stable luxury vinyl cores in the industry
  • Printed Layer – vinyl film representing the tile or hardwood decor
  • Transparent Top Layer – layer of transparent vinyl for protection of the printed film during the pressing process in addition to increased durability for everyday living
  • Surface Guardian Coating – UV coating containing ceramic additives for superior durability. Surface Guardian Pro has the addition of Nanocontrol for antibacterial properties.


Data Sheet for Luxury Vinyl- HALLMARK 4mm LVT IIC 70.pdf
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Data Sheet for Luxury Vinyl- HALLMARK 4mm LVT STC 67.pdf
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Data Sheet for Luxury Vinyl- HALLMARK 4mm LVT Delta 21.pdf
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Data Sheet for Luxury Vinyl- HALLMARK 2mm LVT IIC 71.pdf
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Hallmark Floors' Eternity LVT SG Premium Underlayments for Residential and Commercial Luxury Tile (LVT) Applications. Seal Guard Seamimg System for easy installation.

Rubra, Elm

Hallmark Floors' Nanocontrol

Nanocontrol Anti-Microbial contains Propriety technology to deter the growth of microorganisms that come in contact with the surface of the Hallmark Luxury Vinyl floors. An Anti-Microbial Agent is bonded with other elements in the finish to create a barrier that impedes the growth of microorganisms/bacteria. Once the microorganisms come in contact with the surface of Nanocontrol Antimicrobial®, the formulation inhibits further growth of microorganisms.

Simply Healthier

Hallmark Surface Finish Technology is

• Anti-microbial/Anti-bacterial
• Kills Micro Organisms
• Protective Shield

For a healthier indoor environment for homes and businesses.

Hallmark Adhesive System by Hallmark Floors for Hallmark Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Hallmark Luxury Vinyl Primer - Step 1


Hallmark 1 is an acrylic based sealer that does not contain any solvents, isocyanates or other materials harmful to one’s health. It’s certified Green with very low emissions. Hallmark 1’s main purpose is to decrease the moisture pressure from the subfloor to an acceptable level for flooring installation and to bridge minor cracks. Hallmark 1 spreads easily, creates a dust free surface and prepares the subfloor for installation of flooring.


Improves bonding of:

  • Leveling compounds
  • Adhesives
  • Moisture barrier up to 8 lbs on Calcium Chloride or 85% RH
  • Suitable for Radiant Heat
Hallmark Luxury Vinyl 2 LVT Sealer- Step Two


Hallmark 2 is a two component epoxy resin based sealer which decreases moisture pressure from a wet slab to an acceptable level for flooring installation. Hallmark 2 will also bridge minor cracks in the subfloor. Hallmark 2 spreads easily, creates a dust free surface and prepares the subfloor for installation of flooring.


  • Resistant against aging
  • Improves bonding of adhesives
  • Moisture barrier up to 18 lbs on Calcium Chloride or 97% RH
  • Suitable for Radiant Heat
Hallmark Luxury Vinyl 3 LVT Adhesive - Step 3 Adhesive


Hallmark 3 is a highly specialized Luxury Vinyl Adhesive that has great green tack, high shear & tensile strength & a very long open time. Installation methods for Hallmark 3 range from wet lay method, mid level tacky, or even a traditional drier pressure sensitive installation. Hallmark 3 can even be installed as a wet lay over a concrete slab when installing over existing non-absorbent flooring. Hallmark 3 can be applied directly over Hallmark 1 Primer or Hallmark 2 Sealer. It’s non-hazardous, contains no voc’s, is certified as very low emissions, thus contributing to LEED Points.


  • Resistant against aging
  • No Health Hazards
  • Suitable for Radiant Heat
4 LVT Adhesive bucket


Hallmark Standard 4 is a highly specialized flooring adhesive specifically designed for Luxury Vinyl Flooring. It has very high shear strength and is very installer friendly. Hallmark Standard 4 contains No VOC’s and due to its Green properties is eligible to contribute to LEED points.


• For wet lay installation (not pressure sensitive)
• Very high shear strength
• Contains No VOC’s (eligible to contribute to LEED Points)

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